Water works: a healthy way to kick off the New Year

IMG_5446_2 IMG_5447_2

Hands up those of us who have vowed to drink more water now that the New Year has started? Make the most of your healthy drinking habit by imbibing a Get More drink, boosted with a range of vitamins. The new range of spring waters (five in total) allow you to take in targeted vitamins, according to your body’s needs and to maintain optimum health. Ideal for recovering from the over-excesses of Christmas.

IMG_5450_2 IMG_5452_2

Get More Vitamin A is flavoured with blackcurrant and blueberry and helps protect the immune system, maintains glowing skin and keeps eyesight in peak condition.

Get More Vitamin B, an apple and raspberry flavour, helps maintain the health of the nervous system and helps repair muscle taxi.

Get More Vitamin C, with an orange taste, helps support the immune system, aids the absorption of iron and keeps cells healthy.

Get More Vitamin D, mango and passionfruit, maintains healthy teeth, bones and muscles as well as being  natural mood enhancer.

There’s also a citrus Multivitamins version, for a daily dose of vitamins. Biotin (Vitamin B7) and magnesium fire up the metabolism making you feel more energetic. Vitamins B6 and B12 supports the immune system, and zinc helps maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.

They are a fab way of making sure you get your daily quantity of water but with an added bonus of vitamins.

From £1.45, at Tesco and ASDA.


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