Mad about Mizon: South Korea’s most covetable beauty brand

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Beauty buffs will already know that what South Korean women don’t know about beauty products is probably not worth knowing. For where South Korea leads the rest of the beauty world swiftly follows. Innovative brands and hard-working products are simply what South Korean women expect out of their beauty buys – especially given that many follow a 10-step cleaning routine just for starters. Many women pride themselves on having flawless, porcelain smooth skin.

Welcome then, with open arms to the UK (courtesy of the clever people behind the gem that is the website), the genius brand that is Mizon. Trialling a few of their signature products, I have fallen in love with its quirky nature, slightly odd ingredients and results-driven ethos.

Firstly, my now ‘forever must-have’ is Mizon’s Blemish Out Pink Spot (£14). It’s a multi-layered, two-phase treatment system to target spots – and, unlike many other treatments that promise to get rid of the dreaded blemish, this – I can attest to – really works. Apply it before bed, by dipping a cotton bud to the bottom of the bottle (you don’t shake it) and you’ll wake to see the spot radically reduced or gone altogether. The yellow oil-like solution and pink powder combine to combat bacteria and gently exfoliate pore blocking dead skin cells with a cocktail of AHAs and BHAs, while soothing calamine helps to quickly calm redness and inflammation. I’ll not live without this in my beauty cupboard ever again!

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Up next is Mizon’s Returning Starfish Cream, £25, – firstly, I simply love its packaging as well as its soft, jelly-gel-like texture. Focusing on Mizon’s know-how for seeking out extraordinary ingredients, this harnesses the superlative skin cell-regenerative properties of starfish extract – think how, if a starfish loses an arm, it simply grows back. Although their bodies consist mainly of water, they’re also rich in calcium and proteins (including collagen) which when harvested, have remarkable anti-ageing and reparative properties. Formulated with 70% starfish extract (no starfish are harmed for cosmetic purposes –  huge numbers are ‘culled’ by environmental authorities, to sustain marine equilibrium and permit other species to thrive), alongside hyaluronic acid and elm root extract, this cream reinforces skin’s natural regenerative processes, while retaining moisture. It accelerates cells’ repair and renewal processes, to fortify the skin and enhance essential elastin and collagen levels. A cocktail of ingredients help to diminish the appearance of age and sunspots, and slow down skin deterioration. Skin tone and texture is improved after a few days of using it, while meadowfoam seed, olive and evening primrose oils work to  condition and promote skin’s radiance and lustre.

I’ve been using it particularly on my décolleté area – which is sun damaged and can look horribly wrinkly in certain lights – here’s to it coming back anew!

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Finally the Mizon Egg White Bubble Cleanser, £19, foams up to become a gentle, cloud-soft cleanser. It gently takes off make up and grime, without stripping or drying your skin. Really gentle but effective. With papaya, bilberry root/leaf, sugar cane, orange, lemon and gypsophila extracts, alongside the star ingredient – egg white extract – which removes impurities to leave your face looking (and feeling) as smooth and silky. Kooky cool.

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