A cocktail to go to your head: Concoction


I’m loving my new, cool beauty find. Inspired by the concept of cocktail mixology, new ‘couture’ brand Concoction brings the idea of customisation to hair care. The idea is that we all want different and multiple results from our hair-care – but not all the same things. You may want shine and colour protection. Or perhaps you want to be frizz-free but also want it to target an icy scalp. This is where Concotion comes in.

First of all you select a base blend of premium shampoo. Choices include Lemon Verbena, Rosemary & Mint and Black Pepper Citrus then you select a Superserum to customise. There are eight to choose from – such as colour enhancing (High Definition Blonde, Ravishing Red), volume adding (Turn Up The Volume) and curl boosting (Curl me Up). Choose two ‘shots’  to customise your base, then simply shake up and you are left with a tailored formula to suit your needs.


The innovative brand is the, perhaps unlikely, brainchild of Alex Epstein, who took part in the Apprentice in 2010. Two years in the making, he saw a gap in the market for personalisation for hair-care, tapping into a trend of DIY (Design it Yourself) beauty, where customers can create prescriptive products with multiple benefits. He enlisted Millie Kendall (co-founder of BeautyMart) and Will King (founder of King of Shaves) to invest in the idea.

IMG_5587_2 IMG_5589_2

While the brand is fun and a little bit quirky, it is nonetheless targeting a top-end consumer who are after luxury products (the system retails for £14). They are lovely though and hair feels nourished and in great condition after using, probably down to the fact that they are enriched with essential oils, extracts of silk, vitamins and an anti-static system. There is also a gorge Cashmere and White Lily Conditioner available to complement the range. It’s all in the mix, people.

Available at www.boots.com

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