Under the sheets: The Skin Lounge


I’ve totally bought into the latest beauty trend of cloth and gel masks enriched with serums which are all the craze at the mo to target varying beauty concerns.  The Skin Lounge’s Seoul Trio Collection (£18, thisisbeautymart.com) contains three variations of cloth and gel providing all you need to maintain tip-top skin (and come in pretty pastel-coloured packaging to boot). There’s a Deep Hydrating Mask (seen here), a Firming Lifting Mask to restore tone and vitality and a Pearl Brightening Mask, to reduce dryness, irritation and redness.


So far, I’ve tried out the Deep Hydrating Mask – which is great for winter time and has left my skin soft, hydrated and glowing. It is a cellulose cloth mask – pre-soaked in a potent cocktail of moisturising hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and witch hazel – which blasts skin with moisture over a 20 minute period. Its anti-oxident properties soothe dry and winter-weary skin. You simply apply the mask over clean skin and relax, then any residual is massaged into skin and neck for an extra boost and to give long-lasting effects. No mess, and so easy to use.

The Skin Lounge, a Korean brand, has been made available to British beauty lovers by the beauty tastemakers that are thisisbeautymart.com, known for their sharply edited collection of covetable beauty products. It also taps into the current trend of demand for Korean products – renowned for their innovation.


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