Swept clean away: spring clean your skin

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For some time, I’ve been hearing effusive, rave reviews of electronic face buffers/cleaners, but up to now have avoided using one – convinced they were simply the latest beauty techno fad. Readers, I was wrong!

Having used Silk’n Sonic Clean Plus (£76.99, www.boots.com) – I’m blown away by how fabulous it leaves my skin. You simply wet your face and dab on your chosen cleanser (see below) and then get to work, using the pulsating brushes all over. Within moments, all dirt, make-up and debris is gone and skin is left incredibly clear (much better than after any facial, in my opinion) due to its ability to deep cleanse. It also leaves skin wonderfully soft to touch. Blemishes are lessened as are open pores and red patches.

There are two speeds – one for gentle cleansing (perhaps for use when you haven’t any make-up on or have been  indoors all day) and the other for deep cleansing action and there are also two function modes – vibrating or pulsating, depending on what you prefer.

IMG_5641_2 IMG_5643 IMG_5645

I think there’s a misconception with these facial gadgets that they will be harsh on the skin. But, as its name suggests, Silk’n’s brushes are baby-soft. You can use it every day and, as it is waterproof, you can also use in the shower so it is immensely practical. After just a few days, I can see a real difference in my skin’s texture and appearance.

IMG_5653_2 IMG_5655

I’ve been teaming the brush with FaceB4’s Anti-Bacterial Face Wash (£14.95, www.boots.com). Its aimed at problem skin – which mine – for the first time in my life –  is at the moment, for some reason. Its a combined cleanser/toner but works to kill bacteria.

I especially like the dual pump which dispenses the combined product. It has a lovely texture and also feels solid and hardworking. My skin feels squeaky clean and well on the road to recovery. Perfect for spring-cleaning season!

IMG_5659_2 IMG_5661

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