Make up that gives you more: Studio 10 and Jouer

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I’m blown away by Studio 10 Make-up. The British brand offers a unique range of products that are age correcting, 3D contouring and skin perfecting. Devised to sculpt the face as well as provide colour and shade, it takes the concept of ‘making up’ one step further. Based on professional techniques, the dedicated range of high performance products also address the visible signs of ageing (they contain anti-ageing and firming ingredients) and is aimed at women over 30 – which is a huge breakthrough in the beauty world. This is make-up with intelligence. Created with the help of dermatologists as well as professional make-up artists, the range is made up of eight product and five brushes. It’s a genius idea, giving women a genuine alternative to cosmetic procedures, simply by applying well-thought out make-up.

I’ve been using The Visible Lift i-Definer, £32, (shown here on right). It is an all-in-one ‘makeup lift’ kit that tackles fine lines and also sculpts, defines and brightens the eyes. I especially love the anti-ageing primer, which goes on like a dream and makes skin soft and pliable, and keeps your colours ‘set’ throughout the day. It seems colourless but apply it and your skin looks perfected and crease free. I’ve even been using it by itself on my lids for a nude look when not wanting to apply proper make-up. There are four sculpting eyeshadows in a range of neutral/nude shades. They blend easily, are long-lasting and are extremely flattering. They are also enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, vitamins and oils so you feel that they are also working to your benefit.

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The Face Brush, £28, is another gem. It’s excellent quality with fine, soft bristles and is perfect for using with foundation or powder, giving a flawless, airbrushed look. There’s a precision end and a wider brush for buffing and blending.

Clever colours for women who want more.

Studio 10 is available from

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Also worth a mention when talking about make-up with skincare benefits is Jouer. With gorgeous, sophisticated, streamlined packaging, the brand is created around products that care for your skin. The thinking is that your face will look flawless as it gradually becomes so.

In particular, I want to give a nod to Jouer’s wearable Long-Wear Creme Mousse Eyeshadow (£23), which I have been combining with Studio 10’s palette. I love this Galaxy shade, a soft shimmering bronze colour, but best of all is its weightless, soft mousse texture that blends in immediately and is so easy to use. A little goes a long way, so you can use a smudge for a soft ‘wash’ effect or layer it on for a glimmering look for night-time – there are tiny flecks of glitter that run through it so it is really pretty. Rich in essential marine botanicals and antioxidants, these correct and protect as they beautify – firming and fortifying to diminish visibility of wrinkles, while warding against free radicals. Skin care meets make-up is the way forward -It’s modern, effortless, of-the-moment beauty. Simply gorge to make you feel so.

Jouer is also available from

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