Kitchen confidential: Pure Potions


Trying to beat the harsh effects of winter on my skin, I’ve been trying out Pure Potion’s Skin Salvation Bath and Body Oil, £12.99.

My skin seems to be permanently dry and flaky at the mo and this bath oil from the natural, kitchen-cosmetics range Pure Potions has been just the ticket to keep my skin soft and smooth. The bath emollient reduces the drying effects of water and give protection while keeping skin nicely moisturised during bathing.


The company was founded 12 years ago by Brighton-based Natalie Balmond, who developed her first range from her home kitchen to try and help the effects of eczema that her young daughter was suffering from. Her signature product is Skin Salvation, Intensive Moisturising Ointment, £7.99, that works so well that doctors can now prescribe it to treat skin conditions.

It uses a natural herbal remedy which includes calendula, camomile and vitamin-rich nettle and chickweed and beeswax and is ideal for patches of dry skin, eczema or sore patches – a great all-rounder and one that I will be keeping close to hand to help with any eczema flare-ups that my sons may have.

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Also fab to have on hand around the house, or when travelling, are Pure Potions‘ mini First Aid Salves, £4.65 each. Made with 100% natural, organic ingredients, these are fantastic lifesavers dealing a variety of skin conditions. I love the charming, colourful tins they come in.


The Tea Tree Rescue Salve is cooling and best for use on spots, cold sores, bites and stings. The Lavender version is calming and can be used on minor burns, sunburn and as a lip salve. The Calendula and Comfrey Salve is great for minor bumps and grazes (handy if you have young children). While the Arnica Rescue Salve is suitable for strains, sprains and bruises (sling it in  your gym bag). A great collection of products packed with natural goodies that can only do good. Yes, please.


All products are available on

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