A few of my favourite things: this week’s beauty finds



I’ve recently discovered Activbod, a unique brand which offers a range of six products specifically targeted to after exercising. The choice (soon-to-be expanding) are aimed at men and women and all use special formulations to help the body post-exercise (think skin coolers and anti-redness formulas).

It’s a great concept and has been developed in conjunction with skin and sports experts so has some clout behind it. I’ve tried out the Pick Me Up Scrub, £8, which is a hard-working deep cleanser to rid the body of perspiration which can cause pores to clog. It’s meant for use after sports and exercise to deep clean, stimulate the circulation and to leave you feeling fresh. It has a nice, ‘pick-me-up’ scent, too, from the green tea ingredients. Perfect incentive to get moving! Available at Boots Nationwide and at boots.com.

IMG_5752_3 IMG_5754_2 IMG_5756_3 IMG_5758_3

Talking of ‘pick-me-ups’, this range of goodies from The Breath Company, new to the UK but huge in the States, will leave your mouth fresh, clean and perky in no time. Founded by US celeb dentist Dr Harold Katz, the range of toothpaste, mouthwash and lozenges targets the bacteria in the mouth and works to eliminate rather than mask the problem. Powerful stuff! From £8.99, available at Boots Nationwide and at boots.com.

IMG_5764_3 IMG_5766_3 IMG_5768_3 IMG_5770_3 IMG_5772_3

Targeting blemished skin, is the new skincare range Proactive. I’ve been using it to clear up my skin, which is not looking its best at the moment, and it has really made a difference. The Skin Smoothing Exfoliator, £25.99, uses gentle beads to get rid of impurities but it also contains moisturisers so skin is left smooth and not irritated. The next step in the regime is The Pore Targeting Treatment, £26.99. The hero product of the range, it uses smart technology to target pores where bacteria can reside. Using salicylic acid, it works deep down to eliminate any baddies. After using this, skin texture looks much improved – with pores reduced and skin toned.

The next step is the Complexion Perfecting Hydrator, £27.99. It moisturises beautifully but also addresses redness, patches of dryness and lacklustre skin. Its also packed with antioxidants and botanical extracts so you feel you are using something pure and clean. Lastly, the Skin Purifying Mask, meant for weekly use, reduces existing blemishes. It contains deep-cleansing sulphur and cooling kaolin clay to draw out excess oils. Skin is left nourished and clear. It can also be used as an overnight emergency spot-treatment, which is really handy. A great, focused range that really works – nice sleek packaging, too.

Available at proactive.co.uk

IMG_5774_3 IMG_5776_3 IMG_5779 IMG_5781

Lastly, I had to give a mention to this little find. Who would have thought that the humble nail brush needed updating? Beauty therapist Emma Myers did and she’s come up trumps with Bruzz, her new and improved version of a nail brush, £9.99.

The brush cleans the top, underside and tip of the nail in one action – and also massages while it cleans. It has special antibacterial bristles which have been impregnated with softening vanilla extract so your nails smell gorge after cleaning. As a previous BA cabin crew member and a subsequent nail technician, Emma was meticulous about clean nails and wanted to solve the problem of how normal nail brushes harbour bacteria and are difficult to sanitise.

The Bruzz brush has a fab, modern design and is available in pink, blue and white. It’s not all just good looks either as its ergonomic ball shape means soap and water do not splatter everywhere (one of the things I hate about cleaning nails with a brush) but instead are contained inside. The other ingenious concept is that the bristles are  removable so the whole thing can be cleaned properly (it is also dishwasher safe).

Available at Boots Nationwide and at boots.com.

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