Hola to Casmara: putting on a new face


Ooh! I’m going crazy over these new face masks by Spanish skin care brand CASMARA.

Despite them morphing you into an alien-like force, these little beauties are packed with vitamins, minerals and marine algae and will leave you glowing. The three-step mix up, smooth on, peel-off masks aim to be the DIY equivalent of a salon professional mask.


There are four kits to choose from, each priced at £9.99, which is exceptional value considering the high-end ingredients, not to mention the results you get. Each mask tackles different skin conditions: REJUVENATING with revitalising Gold, PURIFYING refreshing with Oxygen, BALANCING with calming properties and HYDRA anti-ageing and firming benefits.


I tried out the Purifying version which refreshes and detoxifies skin due to its double oxygenating action. All the masks also help to restore, rejuvenate and illuminate the skin, due to the Marine Algae (seaweed) that they contain.


Perfect for those of us who like to ‘get involved’ in beauty prep, the DIY action means that some mixing and fiddling around (which I love) is needed, as if you were in a salon.

First of all, you smooth on to face, neck and eyelids a third of the ‘conditioner’ cream, which helps the skin absorb all the ingredients in the mask. Then you mix the powder and gel parts of the kits in the lid provided and mix it up so you end with a cream-like formula. You simply apply the mask mixture using the spatula to the entire face, including over closed eyes. (Note to self: get settled somewhere comfy before doing this next time to avoid crashing into walls.)


The mask then begins to tighten and solidify. It eventually turns into a rubbery second skin that can be peeled off in one complete piece (definitely the best bit!). During your 20 minutes relaxation time, its high dose anti-ageing ingredients sink into the skin layers to tone, hydrate and brighten the complexion. The mask also has a cooling action so puffiness is reduced. After removing, you then apply the remaining third of the conditioner over the face and neck and massage in until absorbed.

And the results? My skin was left visibly rejuvenated and radiant. It also looked good for days afterwards: clear and blemish free. Outta this world!

Casmara Face Masks are now available at Boots Nationwide and at boots.com

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