Good hair day: VIP Tresses

I’ve always fancied trying hair extensions, but being a ‘wash and go’ kind of girl, I’ve been put off by the commitment required. But having shoulder length hair (that doesn’t seem to grow any longer), extensions seemed to be the only option to gain that swishy, thick hair that we all desire.

IMG_6399 IMG_6401

Then I came across VIP Tresses’ Kate Ponytail. Promising the best of both worlds – glossy hair that’s easy to attach for those special occasions – with no maintenance required, it seemed silly not to give it a try.


I chose the Natural Blonde Highlight shade (there are 19 realistic colours available) and this seemed to match my hair tone perfectly. As you can see here, it’s very natural looking with real hair-like texture and it also feels lovely and soft. The ponytail is 19 inches long so is extremely versatile and is simply attached into your own ponytail by two hidden hair combs and a drawstring.

Here’s the before and after shots and you can see how there’s hardly any difference between my natural colour and the attached pony:

IMG_6407 IMG_6408

The ponytail comes with loose, bouncy waves and is wonderfully thick. It can be straightened and brushed and made into a fishtail plait, braid or bun or indeed just kept loose as a long ponytail.

IMG_6433_2 IMG_6434_2

Whatever you choose to do, it’s the perfect way to have effortlessly glam hair. I’m a convert.


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