A beautiful British summer: Baylis & Harding calls on the blooms

IMG_6550 IMG_6564

Ahh, the great British summer! From festivals to garden shows, horse races to outdoor cinemas – when the sun shines, there is no better place to be than in the good old UK. Celebrating our natural heritage – when it is in full bloom, of course – is the new (and very pretty collection) from Baylis & Harding.

The Garden House Collection, which launched to coincide with the Chelsea Flower Show (one of the loveliest events in the summer calendar), is made up of five gorgeous gift items which are available in two fragrances. Lemon and Chamomile comes in fresh green floral packaging and Lavender and Rose in purple.


IMG_6560 IMG_6562

Perfect for your home or as a little present for someone is the Lemon & Chamomile Hand Wash and Hand & Body Lotion duo (£8, debenhams.com). The scent is fresh and delicate and the products have a rich, luxe texture that belie the price point. The fragrance gentle stays on your hands for ages afterwards, too.

IMG_6554 IMG_6556 IMG_6558

I also love the Luxury Travel Kit (£10, debenhams.com) which has a body wash, hand and body lotion and shower creme. The Lavender & Rose Petal scent is gorgeous and conjures up the classic English garden with its heady fragrance that lingers on the skin. The products are perfect for a few days away and come in 50ml sizes so just the right amount (can’t stand the teeny tiny sizes that last for just one shower!).

I’ve written before about how good value Baylis & Harding products are – the formulas are always rich and luscious and comparable to much more expensive brands. The classic-traditional style packing here – with the pretty illustrations and appealing colour palettes – also give the feel that these are eminently covetable. Which, of course, they are! Blooming lovely.


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