Paper work


Despite using my trusty laptop to do most of my writing, being a writer, I am still hooked on good old fashioned stationery and am a sucker for stationery shops – stocking up notebooks, pens and bits and pieces.

My latest love? Nuuna Notebooks by German brand Brandbook. Made of Swedish premium paper, thread-stitched and bound in smooth bonded leather or jeans label material, they feature funky covers (think silkscreen printed patterns or mirror effects). Designed to be small design objects, collector’s items pieces they were launched to put an end to boring notebooks and will definitely be accompanying me on my next foray abroad.

IMG_6815 IMG_6817 IMG_6819

I particularly love my green metallic leather version and will be using it for ew ideas, sudden inspirations, thought fragments and sketches. Lightbulb moment just waiting to happen.

Available in Selfridges, Topshop and Paperchase and from

IMG_6823 IMG_6825

While we are on the subject of stationery inspiration, I’ve also come across these cult mt washi tapes which come in a huge range of colours and patterns. They can be used as decorations, crafting and they also allow you to be creative by writing and drawing on them.

mt washi masking tape is the original of its kind and began in 2006 when three ladies from Tokyo approached Kamoi Kakoshi who initially made industrial masking tape. The four joined forces and revolutionised masking tape as we know it, launching mt washi tape as a decorative item. There are now over 100 different colours and patterns available.


Prices start at £2.50. Stocked in Selfridges and



While we are on the subject of getting creative, I also have to give a mention to these great little finds that I will be packing with me on my next trip with the kiddies. French brand Minus‘ genius activity books, £5.50, will no doubt go down a storm with my boys next time we are faced with a long flight. The fun books are meant to be alternatives to playing on an iPad or phone.

Meant to inspire moments of togetherness between adults and children, the books are designed to capture children’s attention while peaking adults’s curiosity! Covering varied subjects such as love and politics, Minus books contain thought-provoking and humorous content, such as this ‘Oh If I Were Prime Minister‘ version. In it, you can devise your own rules, create an identity card, plan an election and form your ideal country. Ideal for little tyrants.

Also perfect for travelling are the Omy pocket maps and games to colour in and while away the hours. Oh! To be young again!

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