Summer Lovin’: little gems for holiday fever


I’ll be packing these beauty gems next time I take off somewhere balmy. This trio of products is perfect for keeping skin in tip-top condition.

IMG_6799 IMG_6801

First up is Origins’ latest launch. The Skin Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay, £23, gives dewy, glowing skin ideal for no make-up skin once the sun comes out. The two-in-one formula deeply cleanses while exfoliating and refining surface texture so skin looks glowing and refreshed. Best of all is its deeply relaxing fragrance from the essential oil blend of lavender, geranium, rose and grapefruit. Rose Clay, used for thousands of years as a detoxifying ingredient, gives it a creamy texture and draws out impurities and excess oils. Canadian Willowherb restores luminosity while Persian Silk Tree is an anti-irritant to keep skin balanced. It also contains jojoba beds for the exfoliation step, activated when it comes in contact with water.

IMG_6805 IMG_6804

Ideal for refreshing skin after a day in the sun is this gorgeous tonic from Dr Gabriela‘s advanced Moonlight Dust Therapy Skincare range (products are all made with molecular water). The Moonlight Dust Skin Toner leaves skin feeling refreshed and protected against the elements. I’ve been using it at the end of the day on cleansed skin and its cocktail of ingredients plumps up the skin, firms and adds a layer of moisturisation.

IMG_6807 IMG_6809

Finally, I swear by using a good body scrub once summer arrives – regular use means limbs are left bump and abrasion free as well as being smooth for hair removal. This Body Polish, £19.95, with lemongrass and ginger from the organic skincare brand Botanicals is just the ticket – not too rough on the skin but with enough ‘edge’ to slough off dead skin. It is infused with the naturally invigorating scents of lemongrass, ginger and mandarin, and is a soft sugar-based scrub which works gently to buff and brighten dry skin. Theorganic cane sugar and Himalayan salt crystals penetrate deep into skin, removing any dead skin cells or impurities clogging the pores. While the organic infusion of lemongrass, mandarin and ginger invigorate and put a zing in your step. Summer here we come!


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