Footsteps in the sand: Havaianas in Halkidiki

It was truly wonderful to completely relax and get away from the stresses of everyday life recently. My chosen destination: Greece. Despite the economic crisis – or perhaps because of it – the country is welcoming tourists with open arms. My choice was a new luxury opening (yes, there are still some places managing to open despite the hard times) in Halkidiki. Ikos Olivia has a ‘pre-paid luxury’ concept. In other words, it is all-inclusive but done with oodles of style and substance.

IMG_7284 IMG_7294 IMG_7297

Cuisine is of gastronomic standards across all restaurants (and there are quite a few including Ouzo for Greek food, Fusco for Italian, Anaya which is Asian, Provence for French). There is room service and a dine out option also available as well as the open-all-day Flavors, which offers an expansive Mediterranean buffet.

IMG_7258 IMG_7256

IMG_7177 IMG_7180 (1) IMG_7176

Decor here is boutique-style – gorgeous chandeliers for side-lamps beside the beds, navy blue padded headboards, Anne Semonin amenities and luxury bedding. Attention to detail was second to none.

IMG_7256 IMG_7257 IMG_7261 IMG_7184 IMG_7262 IMG_7263 IMG_7264 IMG_7265 IMG_7266

We were lucky enough to stay in a variety of rooms – the Family Junior Suite, the Deluxe One Bedroom Bungalow Suite and the standout Deluxe One Bedroom Bungalow Suite with Private Pool. You can guess which one was our favourite!

IMG_7333 IMG_7334 IMG_7352 IMG_7353 IMG_7354 (1) IMG_7354 IMG_7355

Just as lovely were the grounds – 22 acres of manicured lawns, tropical flowers and olive trees – the perfect place for me to showcase my new Havaianas. A long-term fan, Havaianas for me are the perfect combination of style and substance – just like Ikos Olivia. They are practical yet cool-looking, especially the new ‘Thins’ shown below in a lovely pink-purple combo with popping lime green soles.

IMG_7189 IMG_7190 IMG_7191 IMG_7192 IMG_7193 (1) IMG_7231 IMG_7237 IMG_7252

Another highlight of Ikos Olivia is the Anne Semonin Spa in which I treated myself to a signature facial (images top below). A real treat with beautiful decor. The hotel also has a private beach with a host of watersports on offer (also included in the pre-paid fee): from kayaking to diving, pedalo-boating to windsurfing. Factor in the mini theatre, sports facilities and four swimming pools and this became my ultimate holiday in the sun.

IMG_7271 IMG_7272 IMG_7273 (1) IMG_7273

Flip and flopping in the sun…

IMG_7303 IMG_7322 IMG_7356 IMG_7357 (1) IMG_7357 IMG_7358 IMG_7359 IMG_7362

One of the best holidays we’ve had…

IMG_7324 IMG_7325 IMG_7326 IMG_7327 IMG_7328 IMG_7329 IMG_7330 IMG_7332

Book Ikos Olivia here and make sure you take your Havaianas

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