Beautiful things: for a beautiful home

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As well as ideas on brightening up your home, this new interiors book will also almost certainly brighten up your day. It has mine. I love interiors books – their sleek pages filled with inspiration on how to create a beautiful home is right up my street.

Absolutely Beautiful Things by designer Anna Spiro is no exception. Bright, bold and colourful, it’s ideal for that hotspot on your coffee table or perhaps the most fitting Christmas gift for your favourite ‘homebody’.

In its pages Anna shares secrets from her life in decorating, gives practical details on how to work with pattern and colour, and provides a room-by-room guide to furniture choice. But forget pared-back, minimalist ideas: this is decorating inspiration for those who love lots (and lots) of pretty, eclectic things. “I believe in the concept of the more you layer the better. I’m a maximalist, not a minimalist,” says Anna.

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As a Brisbane-based interior designer with a passion for vibrant colour, Anna runs a renowned iinterior design practice and shop, Black & Spiro as well as being the author of the internationally acclaimed blog, Absolutely Beautiful Things.

Pattern and colour are key for Anna, but there’s also ideas on antiques, modern and vintage art, and textiles and texture found in the likes of timber, glass and ceramics.

“I always endeavour to create happy, interesting, layered and uplifting spaces. That means mixing everything: colour and pattern, old and new, square and round, quirky and conservative. It’s the imperfections and surprises that make a space interesting,” she says.

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Overall the book calls on the designer’s decorating style, which is a mix of bright colours as accents combined with the art of creating interesting, ‘layered’ and uplifting spaces. That means mixing everything: colour and pattern, old and new, square and round, quirky and conservative – creating homes and places which are truly reflective of people’s lives, and what it is they love. As I said, right up my street – literally.

Absolutely Beautiful Things by Anna Spiro, published by Conran Octopus, £25

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