Christmas Countdown: note to self – the best stationery for gifting

With most of us playing out many aspects of our lives online and digitally, you might think that old-fashioned stationery sets and thank you cards have become defunct. Instead, it seems that there is a mini revolution happening in the world of stationery. Take the soaring sales of colouring books for adults as a case in point (they have been proven to be effective stress busters). Then there are the boutique stationery labels cropping up offering beautifully crafted note paper with hip and knowing designs.

IMG_8309 IMG_8311 IMG_8313

Today’s gift ideas are dedicated to lovers of the paper stuff. On the top of my wish list are these funky notebooks by Nuuna. The copper Shiny Starlet, £12.30, is bang on trend for festive fashionistas. Seen on numerous front rows, these are the books beloved of the fashion crowd and are ideal for keeping your to-do or wish-lists up to date (the thick paper sourced from Sweden is reassuringly good quality). The larger pink Glossy Lips notebook, £14.50, features sexy gold lips on a dusty pink cover. The special flexcover notebook is crafted from jeans label material, and the premium paper has pretty, pink coloured edges and a dot design. It’s the perfect place for those who have been kissed by a muse to unleash their inspiration. Available from

While we’re on the subject, why not get creative with your present wrapping this year and invest in a  few rolls of Christmas-designed masking tape from Japanese mt washi tape to heighten the look to stylish status.

IMG_8315 IMG_8317 IMG_8319 IMG_8323 IMG_8321

I’m crazy about these little wheels of loveliness. While others may be dreaming of a white Christmas this year,  mt washi masking tape brings Christmas alive with its vibrant colours and designs. From leaping reindeer to retro strings of lights, the iconic Japanese rice paper company offers a wide range of illustrations and prints to choose from. As well as securing presents, the washi tape is also perfect for creating festive decorations, personalising Christmas presents and making cards. It is a versatile tape that tears off easily, sticks immediately and peels off without leaving a trace. £3.95 per roll, available from

A stationery gift post would not be complete without mentioning something for the kids, too. Ideal for crafty little ones (and older ones, too) is this inventive Christmas Colouring Tree Poster, £12.95, and Magical Felt Pens, £9.95, from French label Omy Design & Play.

IMG_8298 IMG_8307 IMG_8301 IMG_8305 IMG_8303

The giant Christmas tree has 24 games to complete so is ideal to use throughout December until Christmas Day. It also comes with a sheet of ten glow-in-the-dark stickers (which become real fairy lights when night comes). The poster can be pinned to a wall, use it as a table cloth or spread it out on the floor to bring the holiday spirit alive. Use OMY’s bold markers to colour in the Christmas motifs – they can be erased and also can change colour by using the two ‘magic’ erasers – and remember to leave some for the kiddies to do! Available from

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