Mother lands: sweet-smelling gifts from Heyland & Whittle



Looking for last-minute inspiration for Mother’s Day this Sunday? Then why not stock up on this range from Heyland & Whittle, perfect for putting spring in her step?


The Wild Lemongrass fragrance is crisp and uplifting, perfect for filling the home with a long-lasting aromatic aroma. The Candle in a tin made from soy wax, £12.50, is really practical and ideal for when travelling and makes for a great gift by itself.


Why not add in the Reed Diffuser, £25, to create a lovely atmosphere. It lasts a really long time (up to three months). Immerse the rattan reeds in the bottle allowing the perfume to be drawn up through the reeds and fragrance the air. To increase the intensity of the fragrance occasionally remove the rattan reeds and replace upside down in the bottle.


Then, there’s the Luxury Room Mist, £20, which allows you to waft around the peppery, green scent. I pack mine when travelling so wherever I land feels like home.

As the final touch, the Organic Soap, £6.50, in the same fragrance keeps hands smelling, fresh and clean (I keep mine in the kitchen to use after cooking). The triple milled bar is made from 100% organic ingredients and leaves hands soft and fragrant!

Just a note on the English brand: it was founded by husband and wife team – Paddy Heyland and Ursula Whittle  – who joined their names to create the Heyland & Whittle company in 2003. (The logo includes the Heyland family crest which dates back to the Battle of Waterloo, which is a nice touch).


I’m a big fan of the H&W – with its reasonable prices but great quality products – but even more so because of its ethos, inspired by rural England. It’s building on our history of great heritage brands with the company dedicated to producing  its handmade soaps in the traditional cold-processed method, using premium natural ingredients. Essential oils, herbs and spices are combined to create the rest of the range.


Package up a bundle of products in the same fragrance line, or mix and match from a wide range – there’s Seasalt, Orange Spice, Cherry Blossom, Earl Grey and many more to choose from – to make for the ideal gift for making the most of our own foundations – our mums.

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