We heart you: show her you love her


Here are some little beauty gems that will make your Mama smile this Sunday.

Monsoon’s Rose Gold, £35, is my current fave perfume. I don’t normally like ‘high street’ brands and instead I prefer to seek out unusual, niche scents (often with single notes like Le Labo‘s cult fragrances). But Rose Gold is a triumph.




The brand employed top nose Christian Provenzano, who has developed fragrances for Agent Provocateur and Jo Malone. And you can tell. His creation is fruity, floral, and sweet, but very subtle. Overall it’s the rose notes that stay with you, developing from the first hit of lemon and mandarin. It’s a velvety, smooth scent with rose combining with jasmine and orange blossom. The base notes consist of a blend of vanilla, musk, and amber, which gives it a seductive deeper tone.  I also love the ‘teardrop’ shaped bottle that just fits in the palm of your hand. Very sophisticated. www.monsoon.co.uk


While on the subject of accessible perfumes, another great find is Hermina, £19.99, recently launched by Yardley London.

This is an unusual woody-floral (which is tinted a pretty, lilac) and comes in an Art Deco inspired cubic bottle. It’s a step away from the lavender, lilac and rose traditional scents and beauty products the brand has long been known for. Often overlooked in favour of more modern perfume houses, Yardley is pulling a punch, and putting itself on the beauty radar, with its latest, contemporary launch.


Ironically, in fact, the perfume itself was inspired by the ‘First Lady’ of the House of Yardley. Although 1770 is given as the foundation date for the House of Yardley, the firm was actually established by Samuel Cleaver [c1750-1805] and it would be a new century before a member of the Yardley family was involved in the business. The families became connected through marriage, with two of Samuel Cleaver’s sons marrying daughters of William Yardley [c1756-1824] – William Cleaver married Hermina Yardley in 1801 and Edward Cleaver married Rosina Yardley in 1808.



Hermina honours the rich 245 year history of the House of Yardley, as well as celebrating the high society fashionista that was Hermina Yardley.

It’s a slightly androgynous fragrance, blending pear, lemon and bergamot with basil in the top notes with a sensual heart of fig, peach, black pepper and heliotrope with a warm, woody and spicy amber base. Combining heritage and modernity, it’s perfect for someone you love this Mother’s Day. www.yardleylondon.co.uk


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