Beauty to be obsessed with…

My latest bounty of finds includes a gentle cleansing water, a results-driven serum and an exciting new make-up brand…



Bee Good’s Honey & Wild Water Mint 3-in-1 Cleansing Water, £10, is like a soft pillow for the skin. It gently removes make-up and sweeps away grime and is deeply comforting. Sometimes cleansing the face is just another thing to do on a seemingly endless to-do list, but this is a joy to use. An all-in-one cleanser, toner and revitaliser, it’s perfect for travelling and removes even stubborn eye make-up.


Containing moisturising British wild flower honey, antiseptic propolis, brightening red algae and refreshing wild water mint, it refreshes and leaves skin looking clean and radiant.



The British skincare brand is known for its products which blend British bee ingredients, botanicals and natural know-how for everyday skincare with a conscience.

What’s more, Bee Goodis passionate about supporting bees and encourages everyone to ‘Bee Good and make a meadow’. Planting even just a few bee-friendly flowers can make a real difference. Since launch in 2014, the Bee Good range has already won the i2015 CEW Award for ‘best new brand’.

While Bee Good’s cleanser may make a good case for representing the UK’s inclination towards natural beauty and costs just £10, Bakel is Italy’s answer to the glamour side of the industry, and has launched a new Elastin Serum costing £100.

Italian women are into their luxury skincare brands in a big way and Bakel is one of the leading names. Some may consider the price tag a little over-inflated, but Bakel is renowned for its revolutionary lab-developed skincare made exclusively from active ingredients. This is the best of the best, and a little goes a long way.


Created with 100% active ingredients, the serum works to improve the skin’s elasticity and tone for younger looking skin. It contains hydrolized rice and lupine proteins, which act to enhance and replicate the skin’s elastin fibres and collagen – which give the complexion its firmness and youthful appearance.


I’ve been using this daily, straight after the shower each morning. The luxe texture makes the skin smooth and velvety. It feels rich and dense and I can notice a real difference. Lines are still there but they don’t seem as pronounced and skin looks firm and dewy. Wondrous stuff.

Finally, my most favourite find of late is the new make-up brand 3INA. Pronounced Mina, this new label launches with a whopping 450 products with new products being introduced every three weeks.

It’s being described as a ‘bold, brave new approach to beauty’ with its uniqueness lying in its luxurious, original and inclusive ethos. Reflecting this is the strong look of the products – dramatic typography and a streamlined design ethos makes it look bang-up-to-date for the modern woman.


Formulas, like the gorgeous Matte and Intense lipsticks, come in a wide array of formulations and shades and feel premium and great quality.



The brand’s first campaign #LETSPAINT empowers women to break out of formulaic looks and be super creative with their expression of beauty. The brand is all about embracing colour and having fun offering a candy store of color to pick, mix and remix with.

Hero products include the 3INA Pen Eyeliner in vivid colours with up to 12-hours wear; the 3INA Longwear Lipstick with rich pigmentation and a non-drying formula and the 3INA Nail Polish which lasts for four days.

I love a bright lip with a sculpted, but pared-back, face. So the rich-pigmented, lush lipsticks are perfect for popping lips. I’ve been matching these with the eminently blendable mineral powered blush in this peachy tone, which gives just the right amount of natural colour, especially when teamed with the powder highlighter. This in turn works to give high-definition and a soft, silky finish.

For evening, I often add a slick of eye liner and have been using the automatic Eye Pencil and Pen Eyeliner together. They are both waterproof (essential for me) and give a great finish, whether you want a dramatic or just-defined look, and are very easy to use.

Pablo Rivera and Mark Eve are the duo behind the innovative concept, having taking two years to see it to development. They noticed a trend in consumers wanting “an experience away from traditional retail formats”. While new lines designed by cosmetic giants can take up to three years to produce, they wanted a different business model, one which allows new products on the market in just three months. Calling it  “masstige” market, which sees it fall in between mass market and prestige, the new brand looks set to get heads turning – in more ways than one.

The first 3INA store opened on James Street, Covent Garden in February and is now online:

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