Traveller’s tales: beauty with history




British beauty brand Noble Isle has been garnering a cult following over the past few years, since its launch in 2011, not least with me. I love the heritage-style design and the luxe feel of the products. Its roots in celebrating the great British countryside is also eminently appealing.

The Discovery Box, £24, is my favourite new find – ideal for those, like me, who travel a lot, it showcases the brand’s favourite shower gels. There are five  75ml bottles included, and each one is ideal for a few days on the road. A little bit of luxury away from home is a tremendous thing, especially when it comes wrapped up in the brand’s signature, luxury packaging and smells divine like these do.


Noble Isle’s range of products – unisex bath, body and home fragrance – combine top-end fragrance and natural extracts with the best of design. The founders have sourced authentic ingredients from the British Isles that celebrate the natural riches of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales: think Rhubarb from Yorkshire, Sea Oak from Ireland, Malted Barley from Scotland, and Beetroot from Wales.


The Fireside Shower Gel, for instance, is warm and spicy – inspired by the aromas of a country inn with cinnamon and cypress oil, comforting vanilla and vitamin-rich organic beet extract. Ideal for winter months.

The Whisky and Water Shower Gel, based on an old British drink, is a liquid gold redolent of the finest oak-aged single malt with warm vanilla and cedarwood and skin-calming extract of Scottish malted barley. It’s sightly more masculine but feels deep and nourishing.

Summer Rising, meanwhile, evokes the beginnings of summer, and is my favourite. It has extracts of elderflower and antioxidant-charged gooseberry with clean notes of orange blossom, moss and cut grass. Uplifting and refreshing.


Lightning Oak recalls the story of the lightning-struck oak on Hertford Heath and has smoky, wood aromas with modern notes of crushed pepper and bergamot, enriched with extract of English oak.

Lastly, Willow Song is inspired by a ballad in Shakespeare’s play Othello, and is wonderfully romantic. Floaty green florals and mellow woods are enriched with extracts of willow bark and water lily, known for their soothing properties.


The bottle shapes also have its roots in British folklore and history, and are inspired from the historic alcohol industries of Britain, which have produced some of the most creative silhouettes and detailing. Attention to detail is also seen in the crowning bottle design, which was inspired by the shape of an old whisky keg. Meaningful beauty.

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