Nature calling: new beauty coming in from Siberia

I love to marry my passion for travel and beauty, so I was excited to hear about Natura Siberica, an organic beauty brand from Siberia that has just landed in the UK and which is harnessing the goodness of the country’s wild flowers and herbs.


The range – which is refreshingly affordable – is jam-packed full of must-try, innovative products, like the Gentle Face Peeling product (not quite a mask, not really a face wash but with the tremendous results of both) and the non-abrasive Cream Scrub (more on those below). I’ve also got my eye on Vivid Vitamins for Hair and Body – which is a gel-like substance that conditions both hair and body. Then there’s the Black Caviar Face Cream, the Hot Salt Body Scrub, the rich Body Butters…. and the wish list goes on! Best of all is that the whole range are all free from parabens and mineral oils.


The Reviving Body Cream Scrub, £5.40, for instance, is formulated with wild herbs, which help to purify the skin, stimulating regeneration. It also contains crushed Arctic raspberry seeds for the gentle exfoliation factor, leaving skin even-toned and free from bumps and blemishes. Siberian ginseng, meanwhile, revives and improves skin texture, while Aralia Mandshurica restores skin tone and refreshes fatigued areas. It is gentle and soft and leaves the body incredibly soft – my new in-shower favourite.


Central to the whole product range is Siberian Pine Oil, which is used as the base for all creams, conditioners and shampoos. It is five times richer in vitamin E than Olive Oil and three times richer in vitamin F than cod liver oil, thus it reinforces the skin’s natural barriers and protects against the harmful effects of wind, cold and severe environments.


I’ve also been trying this Snow Cladonia Day Cream, £11.50, which is packed with natural goodness. It has a light-medium depth but sinks in beautifully, giving skin an immediate sheen/glow. It’s actually aimed at mature skin because of its concentration of vegetal collagen, which improves skin elasticity, and vitamin A, which helps to restore the structure of cells. Perfect for me then! It also has a SPF-15 sunscreen to provide protection from UV rays. The cream’s main ingredient, however, is Snow Cladonia, a rare Siberian plant thought to be one of the world’s most effective anti-aging treatments.


Another interesting fact from the brand is that its expeditions across Siberia has allowed its researchers to garner traditional recipes, which use the country’s unique herbs and flowers, from local tribes who have historically used them to heal and protect their bodies. In the production process, these ingredients and methods are studied and adapted to create a range of beauty products really unique.

One of these is the Gentle Face Peeling, £5. As already mentioned, this is a brand-new type of product and is an instant peel for the face. You apply it to damp skin, massage it in and then rinse – no waiting around. It gently exfoliates and renews skin so that it looks instantly brighter and super-lifted. It contains a cocktail of exotic-sounding ingredients: Manchurian Aralia, Meadowsweet, as well as AHA acids, and vitamin F, which combine to strengthen, smooth, and give elasticity. It’s like a face-lift in a bottle – with an unbelievable price to boot. Love this one!

It’s good to come in from the cold. Visit:


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