The 300-year-old cult beauty product: Pommade Divine


It’s one of the oldest beauty products around and remarkably – despite it being around 300 years old – Pommade Divine still packs a punch. The balm, used since 1800, is one of those great all-rounders that can treat all manner of complaints or beauty SOS’s.


The soft formula contains a unique combination of essential oils, spices and resins, tried and tested across the centuries and blended into a nourishing base of shea butter, jojoba and lanolin. From the rein of Louis XIV to today’s fashionistas, it is a fantastic go-to product to solve a range of first aid emergencies – minor burns, bruises, sunburn and insect bites, for instance – as well as being a one-stop beauty staple.

The mix of natural ingredients means it can be used as a lip balm, skin softener, cuticle sealer or hand or foot treatment. It’s also a well-known nursery remedy -among the upper classes – for babies and children.


The pretty tin is also perfect for travelling – and, in fact, the versatile balm – means that is good for a range of holiday issues (meaning you don’t have to pack a huge first-aid kit). I’ve been rubbing it into my heels, using it as an intensive hand treatment and as a lip balm. The nourishing scent – clove, cinnamon, nutmeg – is also wonderfully restorative and uplifting. It’s definitely one for my travel bag.


£20, available from


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