Colour by numbers: Faber-Castell

Just wanted to post a few words on the pen and pencil company Faber-Castell. The German brand brings back such fond memories for me – as I used to lust after the tins of pens and pencils as a child (and occasionally got one, much to my delight).


Anyone interested in stationery, crafts and design, or have a colouring book on the go (yes, it is a thing), should invest in a box of these lovelies. I’m sketching with the 12 Colour Grip pencils box – which include an array of rich colours and have that essential Aquarelle effect – add water over the top with a brush for a watercolour result. Beaut.


The iconic colour GRIP range is actually aimed at encouraging children to develop their fine motor skills – the ergonomic triangular shaped pencil with its soft-grip zone enables easy drawing. I’m sure they have improved my attempts at art, too.



Faber-Castell is actually one of the world’s oldest pencil companies and as well as its innovative products, it is renowned for its environmental ethos. It has a socially conscious  and sustainable re-forestation project in Colombia, and is a climate-neutral company. On almost 3,000 hectres of grassland, small farmers plant tree seedlings and can sell the certified wood to Faber-Castell for its pencil production. In addition to contributing to climate protection, the project offers the local farmers a reliable source of income and an alternative to cultivating drug pants, thus improving internal security in the region, too.

Impressive stuff: these are the real colours of life.

Faber-Castell is available at

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