Phyto: head full of dreams


Wash and go is so over-rated. Instead, I’ve been taking the time out and indulging in some of the latest hi-tech hair treats, to achieve a crowning glory that has given me that elusive ‘va va voom’. For, after all, there’s nothing like glossy hair to give you that ‘oomph’ factor.

Courtesy of hair gurus, Phyto, who have launched a new range of hair products called Phytoelixir, I’ve over-hauled my routine firstly by swapping up shampoos.

The range is aimed at ultra-dry locks and all the products are infused with botanical ingredients, including narcissus flower and macadamia oil, which work to replenish the hair. Hair is left soft, supple and with a lovely sheen, with the added bonus that the products – and consequently your hair – smell divine.


The new Intense Nutrition Shampoo is gently cleansing and gives hair a concentrated burst of nourishment with long-lasting results (hair feels clean for ages afterwards) and looks in tip-top condition. It also feels like a true luxury treat to use with a rich texture and dreamy scent.


After cleansing hair, I’ve been applying the Intense Nutrition Mask – which is wickedly indulgent and rich and works in just 2-3 minutes (I sometimes hate the pressure of having to have enough time for masks so end up not using any). I’ve been slathering this on from roots to ends and it gives amazing results. If you do have time, leave it on a while for intense hydration, although, as I said, you can get results in just two minutes onwards.

Dap on ends – or use all over – to treat brittle, frizzy areas. While it has a creamy, rich texture – it doesn’t ‘drown’ the hair in oils – instead it replenishes essential lipids, so hair looks smooth,glossy and light. I’ve been combing this through, after shampooing, at the start of my shower, and simply rinsing it off at the end. Result.


Finally, is Phyto’s hero product Phyto 9. This is not from the new range, but instead is one of the brand’s cult products, but I wanted to mention it here as it is one of my essentials.


This is like a moisturising cream for hair. The day cream uses a combination of nine plants – calendula, sage, burdock, willow, soybean, rosemary, mallow, St John’s wort and macadamia oil – and is a leave-in formula, ideal particularly for dry textures.

Spread a penny-size amount of the cream through damp hair before drying to give it intense nourishment without any greasy residue. The plants and oils restore keratin moisture levels and hair is left shiny and soft. Glorious.

Phyto products are available at


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