Tree water = super water? It’s the next big thing

IMG_0863Forget coconut water, the latest drinks creating waves among health aficionados are the new batch of tree waters. First of all came Birch Water – a pure form of birch tree sap, which tastes crisp with a slight earthy tinge. Like coconut water, birch sap is packed with electrolytes, which are believed to boost hydration. It is great for detoxing with four times less calories than coconut water. It has been drunk for centuries in China, Russia, and the Nordic and Baltic countries, and was even popular with the Vikings.

Its higher price point – compared to mineral or coconut water – is because it has to be sourced directly from wild trees, at certain times of the year, a laborious and time-consuming job. The water is harvested from birch trees by ‘tapping’ the trunks during spring thaw.



Sibberi – a natural food start-up co-founded by three French entrepreneurs based in London – is making a name for itself as a tree water expert.

It also offers Maple Water. Sourced from pure maple tree sap , it is a clear water that tastes slightly sweet. While Birch Water has its roots based in Scandinavian cultures, Maple Water can be linked back to Native Americans. Originally inhabiting maple tree forests, they used to boil it down into the sugary maple syrup and sip it raw at spring. Known for its fortifying and nourishing properties – it contains manganese, which supports healthy bone structure and malic acid, which supports muscle performance.


Now the company has introduced Bamboo Water. Predicted to be the beauty drink of 2016 – and favoured drink of Beyoncé – it is the highest natural source of silica and the best-kept secret for healthy skin, hair and nails. Silica is naturally present in the body, but it fades as we age, making Bamboo Water a simple and natural anti-ageing solution.



The thirst for water has never been healthier! Visit:

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