Here comes the sun! Korres’ sorts your summer out


With holidays on the horizon, the beauty shelves throughout the land are being stacked with a myriad of sun-care products. With so many choices of protection out there – it can be confusing as to what will suit you, especially if you have sensitive skin, and what will give you the most benefits when away in the sun.


Korres‘ comprehensive line of sun-care has become my go-to for failsafe, natural products. I like the fact I can use everything from the same range, as they work sympathetically together to give high-grade protection, which is also kind to the skin. Why I’ve chosen these over others this year? As with all Korres’ products, they are naturally-based, which means there are no harsh chemicals, such as mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin wax and animal by-products, in them. However, contrary to popular belief about natural sun protection, they still give effective UVA/UVB protection, in the form of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Their main characteristic – as natural sunscreens – is that they reflect or diffuse UV radiation and do not absorb it as chemical filters do. Moreover, natural filters are not absorbed by the skin therefore their irritation and allergy potential is significantly lower than that of the chemical [organic] sunscreens. I often get a heat rash or redness after applying some sun protectors – nothing to do with the sun but rather the chemical cocktail inside them – and this range is one that does not cause this.

The Sunscreen Face & Body Emulsion, with an SPF50, for instance, has edible yoghurt in it (£22, Inspired by the Greek tradition of applying yoghurt onto sunburned skin, the development of the brand’s yoghurt line is the first of its kind to see edible yoghurt incorporated into a beauty formula. The cream also contains aloe to moisturise and reduce ageing, olive oil, calendula and chamomile to cool and soothe. It goes on like a dream and easily sinks in, leaving no residue.


The Mandarin Lip Butter (£8, from is one of my essentials when out in the sun. As well as nourishing lips with its shea butter and sunflower wax – it also contains an SPF15 to prevent lips burning in the sun. I throw one in my beach bag to keep lips hydrated throughout the day and also use one on the plane to prevent chapping.


I love a hair protector when on holiday, you can spritz it on wet hair after your morning shower, and head out for the day, knowing that hair is protected and sleek without any fuss. Korres’ Hair Sun Protector with Red Vine (£10, from also contains extract of organic aloe. It is in the form of a micro-emulsion, easy to comb through, and is water-resistant with UV filters that protect hair colour.


I always like to use a separate face protector, as body sunscreens are normally too rich for my complexion. Korres’ Face Cream 30 SPF has edible yoghurt and abyssinia seed oil, which nourishes and moisturises the skin without leaving oily traces (£16.50, from While on holiday, I apply a light serum to the face and replace my moisturiser with this. It also contains vitamin E and corn grains give it a unique, powder texture, so it is not too heavy and a dream to use.



Finally, comes the after sun – an absolute must for sun-drenched skin. Korres’ Cooling After Sun (£16.00, from gives immediate to relief to red, sun-burned or just hot skin. I slather this ultra-cooling and soothing cream-gel on after being in the sun and it gives long-lasting freshness and comfort. Of course, the yoghurt helps – it increases the water content of the top layers of the skin instantly relieving any burning sensation. I don’t bother with a body moisturiser when away, as this does it all for you. Result!



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