Making you the artist: By Terry curates your skincare for summer


Ever since I tried By Terry‘s cult – and impossibly pink – lip balm, Baume de Rose, I’ve been an über fan of the brand. The luxury products are intrinsically covetable – maybe it’s down to their sleek and chic packaging or maybe it’s because founder Terry de Gunzberg is a renowned expert in her field of make-up artistry, making it all the more desirable.

After creating her own By Terry brand in 1998, Terry de Gunzburg – who had previously been working with Yves Saint Laurent – created a range of ultra-modern products built on her know-how. Her streamlined, sophisticated range – sensual but not overtly sexy, creative but not gimmicky and ultimately built on real expertise – has organically grown year on year.


One of her newest ranges is the Teint-Expert collection, a range of foundation-based products to create the goal we all wish for – the flawless complexion. The Illuminating Flawless Foundation Brush, £48, has revolutionised my skincare. The new version of the iconic brush foundation now features a unique click-up brush. It means you can expertly apply the foundation contained within for even coverage or to highlight, touch-up, blend and sculpt to create a smooth finish.


Just one click gives the perfect dose of feather-light foundation, which is available in six shades. The advanced formula blends in with the skin’s texture – so there’s no ugly layer on top of the skin – instead it is malleable and moulds to conceal imperfections and give a unified finish. You can even add it during the day on top of powder or make-up and you still get a silky finish.

The Japanese-style Kabuki brush is also worth a mention as it is perfect for sculpting and defining. It also releases four droplets of the foundation with each click – so you don’t get too much at any one time. You can use it to expertly stroke, dab or blend the coverage over your face thereby creating the ultimate base – no matter how novice you are (me included!)


Now we come to By Terry’s Summer 2016 Collection of light-enhancing, and thoroughly practical, products. Take the Line Designer Waterproof Eyeliner, £28, for instance. I like to apply a thin line of liner very close to my eyelashes, just on top of my lids. But more often than not, it either smudges or rubs off during the course of the day. And my main bug-bear is that many liners are just not thin enough. By Terry’s version, however, is very thin making it really easy to precisely apply exactly where you want it to go. It also dries immediately so there’s no chance of it smudging just after you turn to leave the mirror (a frequent occurrence here!).


The liner is available in five metallic colours. Seen here in a shimmering Brown Glaze – great for during the day for a touch of glam – and a deep Blue Fix – a dark navy with a metallic finish, that is beautifully flattering.





Next up is the Terribly Densiliss Sun Glow, £76 – a must for anyone wanting to create a golden-hued, sunkissed look. The multi-tasker will be the one product you need to pack for your next holiday. It’s pure genius.

While it does have a fairly hefty price-point, I can’t sing its praises high enough. It is sheer-tinted like a BB Cream, it also has coverage like a foundation, and works on the skin like a serum. The effect is a blurring of imperfections, while it corrects and smooths and it also adds a dash of colour. It really does beautifully blend into skin and I love the satiny finish that skin has.  The subtle golden-glow is due to the micro pigments which reflect light.

Sometimes I like to shake up my beauty regime and take a fresh look at a few new products. So lately, I’ve been on the search for some replacements of products I’ve been using for a while. Top of the list is finding that perfect, elusive radiant-making skincare. Something that combines a serum and a BB/CC cream with a tint thrown in – is basically what I was after. And now I have found it. Simply Gorgeous.


Completing the line-up – and really completing all the make-up that you’ll ever need – is the Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge Hydra-Balm Lipstick, £27.


The formula is lip-plumping and the formula is fondant-like so it has a balm effect to keep lips soft and hydrated. Rich in hyaluronic acid, wrinkles and fine lines are filled in and lips look full and utterly kissable. A “sexy-glossy” stick for all occasions.


It is now available in three neon shades and I can’t get enough of this bright ‘Pink Up’ hue. It gives just the right ‘pop’ of colour to an otherwise nude face for day, and for night I match it with the eyeliner, for a more dressed-up look. As a complete look, it beautifully matches the sun-kissed look you can achieve with the Sun Glow product. Effortlessly glam, effortlessly summer.


All products are available at

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