Travel inspiration guaranteed: walk on the wild side

I’m such a sucker for glossy travel books, but Samantha Wilson’s Ultimate Wildlife Destinations, £14.99 (Reed New Holland), has to be one of the most inspiring.


Covering 100 destinations, it has become my go-to for compiling a bucket-list of places to visit where you can come across the wilds of the natural kingdom and its majestic and often eccentric inhabitants.



From tracking jaguars in Brazil to swimming with whale sharks in Honduras, hiking in Transylvania’s Carpathian Mountains in search of European brown bears to cruising the Azores to spot blue whales, the opportunities for exploration and adventure are beautifully uncovered and photographed.


Its pages are filled with inspiring, technicolour photography – sure to spark your wanderlust – and the author Samantha Wilson takes you on a journey across oceans and polar ice caps, rainforests and mountain peaks.

Put it on your coffee table, have it by your bed, give it to a loved one. Like the animals it portrays, you’ll cherish it.



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