Smile therapy: Instant Whites

I’ve long been amazed at just how white some people’s teeth are. Our American obsession  – let’s face it we’ve always been the ‘poor cousin’ when it comes to teeth compared to across The Pond – truly hit our shores a few years back with the best Harley Street treatments costing thousands of pounds.

Aside from the reluctance to spend this much, what has always put me off is the commitment (no red white, caffeine or citrus foods afterwards), the many appointments necessary and the fact that it can hurt! Also, I’m not keen on the dazzling-white Hollywood effect that many go for – it just does not look natural. In recent years, many brands have tried to address our desire for dazzling teeth – and you can now find many whiteners on the market. There have also been enough scare stories to put you off too, with some unscrupulous brands adding harsh bleach and chemicals to the products.


I was more than pleasantly surprised, therefore, to trial the new Instant Whites 7 Day Whitening System (£29.99, available in Boots) – attracted by the promise of a gentle, easy approach to achieve subtly white teeth.

First of all, it is super easy to use. The kit comes with seven filled swabs which work to remove plaque and stains and make teeth up to nine shades whiter. You simply push the swab up into the liquid so it soaks the end, then apply by lightly rubbing the liquid on each tooth in a circular motion for a few seconds each. To do the whole mouth takes about five minutes. You then rinse off with warm water and teeth look brighter and whiter within seven days.


Developed by a team of dentists, the formula is bleach-free and works on all tooth surfaces (including caps and crowns). It also has a light minty ‘taste’, so is not unpleasant to use. Within seven days my teeth look noticeably whiter and overall a better version of before.


This is the sort of treatment you can easily invest in for a special event or occasion. I have very sensitive teeth and felt no tingling or unpleasant sensation. Reason enough to smile even more.


For more information visit: instant

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