So saccharine, so good for you


Injecting a dose of humour and fun into your beauty routine is Baylis & Harding‘s new donut-inspired range of Beauticology products. Who’d have thought the sweet, sugary confectionary could be the starting point of something good for you?

The Frosted Sprinkles Hand Wash, £2.15, leaves hands smelling sweet and fresh and has a cuter than cute design appeal. Perfect for those who love anything chintzy, this soap has a retro, 1950s-appeal and also hydrates so hands feel smooth and soft after washing.


The perfect teen gift, the range also includes this sweet-fuelled gift set. The Beauticology Donut Shop Luxury Cosmetics Bag Gift set, £15, contains four products all wrapped up in a baby-pink, padded toiletry bag.


Not for lovers of minimalism or pared-back beauty, this is a maximalist’s heaven. The Body Wash, Shower Creme, Body Lotion and Hand Lotion are scented with notes of blueberry and vanilla to leave a soft, feminine scent. Ideal for weekends away, they are kind to the skin. The scent – although sweet is not too heavy – bur rather refreshing and uplifting. Ideal for those sweet moments in life.


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