Christmas Beauty Countdown: Galop d’Hermès


There’s always something special about finding a bottle of fragrance under your tree. The packaging, the gorgeous bottle, the first spritz… – it’s also totally indulgent treat that many of us won’t buy for ourselves. My pick of the bunch this season is Galop D’Hermès so start dropping hints to your loved ones NOW.


Created by the famous perfume “nose” Christine Nagel – who last year was appointed as the in-house perfumer at the brand – this is as classy as it gets. Hermès, of course, is known for their luxury connotations – exquisite silk scarves, leather accessories and its archetypal equestrian style. If you can bottle all that up in a scent, then you can imagine the olfactory delight that is Galop d’Hermès.


Its sophisticated notes are based around Hermès’ rich heritage and age-old traditions with working with leather (the Birkin bag, anyone?) – and Nagel gained inspiration for the juice by visiting the brand’s secret vaults, where it keeps hundreds of types of premium leathers.

Leather notes are, of course, traditionally associated with male fragrances, but Nagel has ‘feminised’ these with rose, saffron, quince and musk. The result is a truly unusual sheer Oriental blend: it is bold yet sensual, slightly spicy but restrained and elegant. It also has a degree of softness about it, much like the calfskin leather it was inspired by. For me, this is a beautiful, timeless scent – spritz it on and I guarantee you’ll be stopped and asked what brand you are wearing.


When it comes to investing in a proper, grown-up scent such as this – (note: this IS a luxury scent with a high price-point) – the packaging is, of course, of utmost importance. Galop does not disappoint. The sophisticated bottle (which is refillable) is held with a chic, metal casing, echoing the form of the stirrup. Mine has a bright signature-coloured orange cord attached (but there are eight colours to choose from). It also has a beautiful drawstring bag, making it wonderfully practical for travel.


Interestingly, the bottle mirrors one which was initially created to give to VIP guests at the opening of the first Hermès store in New York in 1930. It is this mastering of old versus new that makes this a triumph: riding high in the luxury fragrance stakes.

£183 for 50ml, available from Harrods

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