Christmas Beauty Countdown: gold, frankincense and myrrh from Heyland & Whittle


Today’s gift idea is this darling little box from luxury British bath and body brand Heyland & Whittle. This year, its Christmas collection could not get anymore seasonal – based around the iconic themes of gold, frankincense and myrrh, the products are all packaged in regal, gilt-adorned boxes.

This little gem, £14.50, contains a handmade soap and two pretty little bath melts. The Myrrh soap has a scent which is deep and lush with hints of Eastern spice. The Gold bath melt has bright citrus tones, while the Frankincense bath melt is smoky, oriental woody p perfect for an indulgent treat for a loved one.


The natural beauty brand was dreamt up on a farm in rural Surrey by husband and wife team Paddy Heyland and Ursula Whittle. Created using only traditional methods, Heyland & Whittle’s products use natural ingredients and contain no nasties.


With a nod to the real meaning of Christmas, it’s a little gem that speaks volumes. Available from:

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