Christmas Countdown: retro baubles and fashion decos


Soon it will be time to start decorating our homes and festooning Christmas trees. There’s something special about unpacking the boxes from the year before and seeing again the decorations that hold so many memories.

I am like a magpie when I see any shimmering baubles nestled in a box – they bring to mind idyllic notions of a nostalgic Christmas. And, while this little collection of bright baubles look like they could be vintage hand-me-downs, they are in fact by Gisela Graham, the modern-day queen of Christmas decorations and adopted by me as my new must-haves for this year.


The leading festive designer – known for her vast offering of decorations, wreaths and baubles (she issues new collections each year, resulting in hundreds of choices) – has tapped into a 1950s sensibility. This, of course, is an era in which Christmas as a festive holiday really exploded: cue Bing Crosby crooning about a White Christmas, technicolour films that romanticised the time of year and shops filled with a new wave of pretty things to festoon the home with. Taken from her ‘Old Time‘ collection, the six mini, dimpled glass decorations are straight out of the 50s and will brighten up any tree with their popping colours and old-time sensibility.


Also on my list of novel decorations, and perfect for any fashionistas among us, are these darling wood decorations. From Gisela’s ‘London Christmas‘ range, these three Wooden Fairies are fashion-savvy and retro inspired.


I’ll be hanging these on my tree to give a nod to my home-town of London and to hopefully achieve a very stylish tree. While I love a ‘planned’ Christmas scheme – a sophisticated white and crystal look or a dramatic black and purple decor, for instance, – I always end up hanging all my favourites on my tree for a multi-coloured charm offensive. And these little lovelies will perfectly fit in with that sensibility.


Finally, I also adore these oh-so-pretty Fabric Fashion Fairies, also from the ‘London Christmas’ collection. The resin dolls come bearing gifts dressed in charming little outfits, perfect for any fashion-savvy girl. I’ve stocked up and will be giving one of these to my own favourite fashion dollies (i.e. friends) in my life.


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