Christmas Beauty Countdown: laid-back Greek style from Korres


I love Korres‘ natural products inspired by traditional Greek remedies. Perfect for presents are their gift sets, such as this The Absolute Bergamot Pear Collection, £22.

First of all, the products are full size and substantial. This set is based around body care scented with the uplifting essence of Bergamot blossom and sweet Pear. Inside is a Bergamot Pear Shower Gel, Body Milk and Hand Cream.


I’ve long been a fan of Korres’ shower gel and body cream pairings. The formulas belie the price points, with the shower gel foaming up to form a rich lather – making it feel luxurious to use. The body milk is not thin and reedy but, instead, has a velvety texture to it. It sinks into the skin, drenching it with moisture and leaving limbs with a nice, satin sheen. My new favourite is the hand cream, which is not sticky but instead hydrates and vanishes – keeping hands and nails in tip-top condition.

Just a little note about the packaging: the trio of products come in a crafted gift box, which has a low-key, sophisticated festive design. Laid-back, yet effective, much like the products themselves.

Available from:

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