Christmas Beauty Countdown: Baylis & Harding’s boudoir bounty


Baylis & Harding’s new Boudoire Velvet Rose Collection is an uber-glam choice for someone special this Christmas. Based around a rich floral blended with vanilla – the products have a sensual scent, making it another gem from the British family-owned brand.

If you know someone who likes to savour their bath-time routine, then this is the gift to buy them: the Trio of Treats Gift Set is a perfect choice for any pampering queen. Add a few  droplets of the Sensuous Bath Creme to make the ultimate bubble bath – its fragrance will ooze its way into the room for a fragrant sanctuary. Go back in time with the Luxury Soap to cleanse and moisturise (there is something wonderfully decadent and old-fashioned about using a soap, and luckily this one does not dry out the skin like those of old). After a soak, finish up with the Silky Body Lotion to lock in moisture for smooth limbs. Just add a silk, flapper dress and off you go!


By the way, the gorgeous seductive 1920s-style black-and-pink colourway makes this gift seem like it is from another era – such a pretty find.

Available from:

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