Christmas Beauty Countdown: ring in the rhubarb with Noble Isle


Celebrating the riches that the British Isles offers, Noble Isle has become renowned as one of our leading quintessentially British beauty brands. Share some of its goodies with a loved one by checking out its latest launch: the Rhubarb Rhubarb! Body Hydrator, £25. Making such a lovely stocking filler, not only does it drench the body in hydration but it has a pretty, fragrant bittersweet scent that lasts all day and which, no doubt, your special someone will adore.

The brand uses authentic – and often unique – British ingredients sourced from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales- think rhubarb from Yorkshire, sea oak from Ireland, malted barley from Scotland, and beetroot from Wales. It’s a brilliant USP.


Focusing on the traditional and authentic, Noble Isle continues its ethos with the Body Hydrator, which features Yorkshire rhubarb extract sourced from E. Oldroyd & Sons, a sixth-generation rhubarb farm in the Yorkshire Triangle.

Rhubarb is actually known for its rehydration properties, so it works brilliantly to smooth and condition the skin. Also blended into the formula are typically British garden extracts, such as thyme and rosemary, both natural antibacterial extracts, and aloe vera to lock in moisture.

Sparking a rhubarb trend, Noble Isle is one of the first beauty labels to use its properties in a range of luxury products. The new product also includes juniper berry, rosemary, tarragon and cedar wood – resulting in a rich formula and a fragrance that is deep and uplifting – perfect for wintery days ahead.

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