Christmas Beauty Countdown: coming up roses


Odylique‘s sleek little black box is a dream gift for any beauty lover this year. The power of the rose is one that many beauty brands seek to harness, and is the perfect all-rounder for gifting, and natural skincare brand Odylique’s rose-infused goodies are among the best I have tried.

This special Organic Rose Gift Set, £18, is the perfect showcase for the signature natural products. Open the pretty, pink satin ribbon and inside are three skin-care goodies that, no doubt, will soon be your new staples.


First up is the Creamy Coconut Cleanser. It is gentle and wonderfully skin-conditioning (it contains extra virgin olive oil and coconut oils so skin is ultra-pampered while you cleanse). Gentle it might be but it still packs a punch – whisking off any make-up and impurities immediately, and it can also be used around the eyes to remove stubborn eye make-up. Containing organic rose water and essential oils, skin feels fresh and clean after a few swipes.


The Calming Rose Super Tonic, containing rose essential oil, is like a pep for the skin. Use this as a toner as your last step in the cleansing process – it swipes off any debris, refreshes and visibly brightens the complexion. It can also be used as a soothing hydrator to replace your normal moisturiser – particular in warmer weather – as the rose petal formula calms and instills skin with moisture, leaving it dewy and devoid of dry patches.

Best of all, I’ve been using it at night-time, as its lovely light fragrance works to uplift the senses as well as stimulating cell regeneration while you slumber. Beauty sleep guaranteed!


Follow up with the Timeless Rose Moisturiser. This is such a gem and the perfect day moisturiser. Containing extracts of rosehip and sea buckthorn, it works to smooth the skin and promote cell renewal, sinking in like a dream. Jojoba and coconut oils, aloe and damask roses combine to give a deeply hydrating action, leaving skin soft and velvety smooth. This has a light texture – so is perfect for sensitive skins – and has a whisper of the scent of rose – not too much, but just enough so skin feels extra-special. Its natural antioxidants help reduce fine lines and counteract the ageing and collagen-destroying effects of ‘free radicals’ and sunlight.


The pared-back packaging – with black and white illustrations of ingredients – are so pretty. This would make such a gorgeous gift, combining as it does a whimsical aesthetic with a sophisticated formula and the best of the natural world around us.

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