Christmas Beauty Countdown: and finally… comes Lovelily


It’s the final day of my Christmas Beauty Countdown – and why not end on a flourish? Today’s gem of a gift is Accessorize’s Lovelily fragrance, £19 – it’s much like giving a bottled bouquet of exotic flowers to someone you love.


The accessories brand is getting a name for itself for having some of the prettiest perfume bottles around, meaning that they make the most joyful gifts. Its latest offering is no exception.


As well as the tropical blooms on the box, there is a gorgeous flower featured in its stopper plus the juice comes in a weighty hexagonal bottle shape.


But it’s not all just good looks – Lovelily is a warm floral scent with fruity notes and vanilla. First of all, you get bursts of raspberry and orange, with zesty tones of bergamot. At its heart, lily of the valley is combined with jasmine, giving the overall floral aroma, this is deepened as the day progresses with musks and sweet vanilla. It really is lovely and will transport you to warmer climes. Even though we love winter, this is little ‘dream’ of the appeal of summer.

Thank you for staying with me over the past month with my daily Christmas gift ideas – hope you found something  you love or something you love to give. Merry Christmas everyone.

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