Christmas Countdown: Kikki K Krush


Perfect for any last-minute gift dilemmas – check out a Kikki K store, or order online (there’s still time before Christmas). It’s the new Scandi or should that be Skandi?) stationery phenomenon, recently arrived in the UK and happens to be my latest retail crush.

Just the ticket (pun intended) is this chic Travel Wallet, £42. It comes in a variety of colours and designs, but mine is a gorgeous shade of ‘barely-there’, dove grey. Inside,  is a jaunty navy and white striped lining, with pockets for all your travel necessities – passport, currency, boarding pass.


It’s just the thing to keep everything safe and secure on your next trip and makes for a thoughtful gift. Zip it up and off you go! It will be definitely accompanying me on my next press trip (not only is it handy, but it is actually large enough to contain everything you need document-wise when travelling).


Kikki K is a veritable mine of interesting gifts and pretty items for the study. Founded by Kristina Karlsson in Sweden, she came up with a concept of creating beautiful things for an organised office and inspiring work space and the brand was born. For those of us who work from home, her affordable stationery and accessories are useful, and aesthetically pleasing, additions to our work environment – giving a little uplift to our day.


While browsing, why not pick up some other stocking-fillers – such as the pretty little Monogrammed Notebooks, £6, which come in all the letters in the alphabet (my ‘A’ is pictured above) or a gorgeous Desk Diary, £18 (below in mint green). I also love the ‘Lovely Things Inside’ Pause Gift Set – and, indeed, inside are three very lovely ‘mindful’ notebooks and a pen – perfect for any writer or thinker (above). Add a sprinkle of Instant White Snow, £3.50, for the ultimate in festive cheer.


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