Summer breeze: Yankee Candle’s Coastal Living


Shake off the cold and warm up your home with a hint of spring. Yankee Candle‘s new collection of fragrances – called Coastal Living –  is made up of fresh and light scents, inspired by the crisp breezy scents of the coast. Launching in March, the four new varieties include the light green Coastal Living, which has salty-sharp, and light pine notes, and Driftwood, a sweeter, earthier fragrance.


The pastel colours and invigorating scents make these perfect for recreating a fragrant home, to drift off to when relaxing in the bath or perfect for placing by the bedside for wind-down moments.


The classic Hamptons feel give the candles a premium quality, and I love the fact that you can light the different varieties from the collection together and they work harmoniously with each other – enhancing and blending the different notes in the air so your home is deliciously scented.


The traditional design of the brand’s signature jars gives a laid-back feel to any room’s scheme – I like to dot jars in complementary colours around a fireplace to give a cosy vibe at night, or in a hallway to welcome guests. Even the small jars give 25 to 40 hours of light. I like to think of them as little bursts of sunshine in a jar. Stock up now.

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