The beauty innovations you’ll find on the high street

It’s easy to overlook those big-brand beauty names that we see in our supermarkets, high street chemists and shops and instead turn to newer, niche labels. But look again and you will see that many of those familiar brands are actually leading innovations and know-how in the beauty sector. It’s not just because they have the budgets for research and development, they also want to keep abreast of what, we, the beauty junkies, the consumers, the women who desire practical products that have moved with the times, want to see on the shelves.


Take Herbal Essences, for instance. Its new Daily Detox collection of shampoos and conditioners, £3,99 each, launched last month, aim to be like facial cleansers for the hair. Just like skincare companies offer ranges that target the effect of air pollution on our skin, the hair-care company has taken the same ethos but for haircare. For women living in urban areas especially, the deposits of air pollutants on hair is a contributing factor to hair looking dirty and greasy, having less shine and being limp.


There are three variations in the collection, but I’ve been trying the Crimson Orange & Mint range. Herbal Essences, of course, has built its brand around its potent scents – and this new range does not disappoint – with a fresh, citrus scent and uplifting notes of mint – your hair smells incredible all day.


The deep cleansers remove daily residues but also, combined with the conditioner, make hair soft, voluminous and shiny. Best of all, the range is free of silicones and parabens and all contain mint oil, a natural cleanser which gives a calming effect on the mind. Gorgeous.


You’ve no doubt seen those packets of Imedeen on the shelves. Incredibly, the brand has been around since 1991 – yet still has that elusive feel about it. Is it a multi-vitamin? Is it a skincare brand?

While it has been quietly doing its thing – targeting beauty from within for over 25 years – suddenly it seems not just of the moment, but way ahead of its time. The beauty buzz right now, of course, is all about supplements, infusions and powders that do the work by ingesting, rather than simply using topical creams. Imedeen has been doing this for years – way ahead of the new brands coming on to the market.

Developed in Scandinavia by a team of research scientist, Imedeen has proven to be a leader in this field and one of the first brands to spearhead skincare from within.


Its Time Perfection – aimed at women of 40+ – contain a marine complex (packed with proteins naturally found in the skin) and helps skin to remain supple and youthful. The daily tablets help improve skin quality and moisture levels. Meanwhile, Vitamin C and Zinc help protect cells and keep skin on both face and body soft and supple.

While, the brand’s scientific studies show that skin quality improves within 90 days, I’ve been using these for a matter of weeks and my skin is looking in tip-top condition. if you want results, pop a pill now.

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