Have toothbrush, will travel


Let me introduce you to my new travel (and beauty) must have. Colgate‘s innovative Pocket Pro, from the brand’s ProClinical range, £64.99, is a mini version of an electric toothbrush – great for those (like me) that travel a lot and who don’t want to skimp on their oral hygiene.


Developed with dentists, the best thing is that the brush comes with a unique USB charging travel case (as well as a separate USB charger). The case charger lasts for around a week or you can simply use the separate charger via your laptop or phone charger.

It’s small and compact and cleans like a dream. Gums and teeth feel thoroughly fresh after use, and it even has a two-minute timer, and a 30 second ‘beeper’, for those who are sticklers for cleaning properly.



It is also much lighter than a conventional electric toothbrush and takes up hardly any room in its handy case. When you are travelling, being able to properly clean your teeth makes such a difference – especially when on a plane or in an airport – this is the new gen, the future. Simple and effective. Smiley face guaranteed.


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