Spring Beauty Review: Button & Wilde – made just for you

There’s a new name on the beauty block and, let’s face it, we all love something new – but that’s not why you’ll fall in love with Button & Wilde. Launched this month, the British brand is a premium range of products based around the concept of personalisation and the joy of nature.


From bath soaks to body washes, lotions to scrubs, hand washes to creams, the comprehensive collection – sold online – features wonderfully whimsical illustrations and the best thing is that it is totally customisable.

First of all you choose your product type, then you move on to the type of fragrance family you are after (they are grouped into female and male scents). Next you choose your specific fragrance – ‘female’, for instance, includes: Wild Fig & Grape; English Lavender, Geranium & Chamomile; Tarocco Orange & Nutmeg; and Wild Citrus Rose (featured here). There are another two additional scents, grouped under ‘male’, which are Infused Citrus Spice and Sweet Beet, Lime & Cedarwood.


Of course, you don’t have to keep to the gender differentiations – so if you like your secrets darker, woodier and spicy – go for one of the ‘male’ notes. If you like something lighter, floral or classic – opt for the female. They can work for everyone, according to your tastes.


The next step is choosing the bottle-style that you would like, and then it’s on to the labelling with options to create your own signage, design (you can even add photos or choose from a choice of pretty patterns). Then you create your message and personalisation (making this a perfect go-to for the ultimate gift).


Best of all, prices range from just £11.99- £14.99, making this cute range affordable and covetable not to mention being totally unique.


Formulas are rich and indulgent with the Wild Citrus Rose scent lingering on the skin all day. This really is the perfect spring collection – and I’m not talking about the charming hedgehog and squirrel featuring on the designs – but rather because the products are deeply moisturising and packed with antioxidants to revive skin after its winter hibernation.



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