Spring Beauty Review: REN’s Evercalm Rescue Mask


What does having ‘sensitive skin’ actually mean? Like most, sometimes my skin is great, other times – not. Sometimes – despite slathering on serums, moisturisers and prep products day and night – my complexion has odd dry patches. Other times, it is oily. Some months, it looks clear, other times not. There’s no rhyme or reason to it and I suspect this is the case for most of us. This is probably the definition of sensitivity. As we switch between season – yes, it seems as if Spring is finally here – skin can be adversely effected, further exacerbating whatever problem you may have.

Well, worry not. I’ve found the one-cure-for-all in the form of REN’s Rescue Mask, £28. Like a silk scarf for skin, the clean beauty brand pampering treat, will immediately give you a shot of relief. Like a soothing balm for irritated skin, this is specially formulated for sensitive souls.

Smooth it on and leave for just 10-15 minutes (soak in the tub while it works or pop it on first thing while you go about your morning routine) and it will give a calming and moisturising effect on redness, dry patches and itchy skin. It will also help increase the skin’s ability to cope with stress as your day progresses, as well as aiding recovery and strengthening the protective moisture barrier of skin longer-term. Once you are ready to get going, simply wipe off with a warm cloth or muslin, and skin feels transformed.


For the first time in cosmetics, the brand has used White Mushroom Extract, this has been found to de-stress the skin by blocking the irritation and “pain” messages to the brain. The mind and body work as one, of course – so this innovative mask harnesses this know-how, acting almost like a topical analgesic to block the messages of discomfort that would otherwise have been sent to the brain. It also contains arnica, known for its soothing properties, and a yeast with antibacterial and antihistaminic qualities – so it stops itchiness and calms redness and puffiness.

The result is that skin is left with a soft-touch, velvety feel. It has a subtle chamomile scent which is sweet and herbaceous – relaxing and calming for both body and mind. It’s the ultimate feel good factor for spring.



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