Spring Beauty Review: Naobay’s Milk Cleanser brings clean beauty up a notch


Say Hola! to Naobay: this little gem from the Spanish brand has revolutionised my skincare routine. While, normally, I might whip off the day’s grime with a swipe of micellar water, this pampering milk cleanser has added an extra step of ‘care’ and ‘attention’ to my regime.

Naobay – standing for Natural and Organic Beauty and You – is one of the latest clean beauty brands which is rigorous about using organic, natural ingredients. It does not test on animals and also cares for the environment by using recycled or recyclable materials in its packaging. Offering an eco-sensibility, clean ingredients and conscience about the world around us – this is green beauty with a sense of style. With Naobay, it feels like you are buying into an ethos – as well as getting products that give great results.


Take the Moisturising Milk Cleanser, for instance. It is particularly suited for dry and sensitive skins as it gently hydrates – without stripping the skin of moisture – while it cleans. The soft milky texture, feels uber pampering and gentle on the skin. It uses olive oil and sweet almond oil to leave the face soft and radiant and feeling clean (not tight).



The brand’s ethos is a big drawer and is particularly commendable. Based on the belief that natural and organic products are better for the body and environment, Naobay uses, for instance, natural moisturising ingredients, such as argan oil, olive oil or rosehip oil and natural emulsifying systems that come from sugar cane. In total, there are about 60 different ingredients in the formulations – where many brands would use thousands.

What’s more, none of the ingredients used in products are genetically modified or grown with pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge or ionizing radiation. Packaged with a sophisticated design aesthetic – with a holistic, minimalist feel – this is clean beauty for a new generation.



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