Brush strokes: Kohl Kreatives shows how the art of make-up can bring a transformative effect


I’m obsessed with these pretty little brushes from Kohl Kreatives’ The Shape Collection. Not only do they work like a dream when it comes to applying powder, shaping and sculpting, but they are also vegan and cruelty free. Best of all all the profit from the brushes goes back into the brand’s charity Kohl Kares, which provides free makeup consultancy services to transitioning transgender and recovering cancer patients.


The 3ss3ntials trio of brushes, £34.99, (seen in the background above) contains three must-have brushes: the big circlebig rectangle and square.

The ethos of the brand is that each brush should be flexible in its use so you can use it the way you want to. The rectangle, for instance, is a great detail brush, but basically has a multitude of uses as it can adapt to contouring, highlighting, applying concealer and eyeshadow.

The Circle, likewise, is mainly a focus brush, perfect for blending. I’ve been using it to  achieve a rosy glow, and for blending in highlighting, applying bronzer or cream blusher. It is also great as a face-cleaning brush to use with a cleansing gel or cream.

The small Square is aimed at smaller areas – such as applying lipstick, concealer or fine details around the eye area.

There are purposely no instructions with the brushes as make-up artist founder Trishna Daswaney believes that ‘everyone’s face is different with different make-up needs – use whatever you want, when you want.’

IMG_4929Brushes can also be bought individually such as the Medium Circle, £15.99, shown above.


With a super-soft synthetic fibre technology, designed with sensitive skin in mind, they work seamlessly to give a flawless finish. Best of all, they all stand up on their wand, and have an easy grip handle.


As well as being kind to the skin, the brand also has a social conscience – by offering free make-up lessons to transitioning gender people and cancer patients, who want to learn how to construct and deconstruct their faces with makeup. The profits from the brushes will be ploughed back into this focus, via the brand’s charity. The aim which is to boost self-esteem through make-up, to combat the daily battles these groups may face. It’s beauty with a heart.


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