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Put your head in the clouds with this exotic super conditioner

by angelinavc

If this cold snap is playing havoc with your hair right now, this iconic product will be your lifesaver. Of course, long-time beauty fans will already have ‘tuned into’ Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer – the super conditioner guaranteed to breathe life back into dry and frazzled hair.

This new Coconut Breeze version, from £19.50, was launched last month, and is inspired by America’s West Coast – a favourite destination of the hair guru. Its exotic scent of coconut, jasmine and almond is also the perfect antidote to the cold temperatures outside – transporting you to sunnier climes.

I’ve been applying it once a week, leaving it on as I potter around, first thing in the morning. It’s a pre-shampoo treatment so spread it through damp hair, twist it up if your hair is long, and go about your chores. Once you jump in the shower, all you do is clean hair and rinse off – no need to add conditioner – for this beauty would have already got to work. Once you dry your hair, you’ll notice an immediate difference – mine has been transformed so it looks sleeker, bouncier and shinier.


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