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Spring beauty revival: add a little Yope to your life

by angelinavc

YOPE – a new natural skincare and vegan-friendly brand hailing from Poland – will not just wow you with its no-silicone and nasties-free formulas, but you’ll also be sold on its hip packaging – a sort of modern take on folklore illustrations – and innovative blends of ingredients.

Spring is the perfect time to overhaul your beauty regime, and at the moment, I’m on a mission to start switching up my staple ‘kit’ to more natural, kind-to-us and our planet products. My latest find is YOPE which has a collection of natural goodies with a ‘caring’ ethos.

The Liquid Soap, £7.10, is my new daily go-to. It uses new generation cleansing and foaming agents, so the formulas feel luxuriant and top end, but remain environmentally friendly and 100% natural.

The Salvia and Green Caviar version is kind to the skin and leaves hands soft and gently scented with a herbal aroma. This is my new kitchen-sink staple (I’m forever washing my hands and they quickly dry out). Containing sage and algae extract –both rich in minerals – it helps to strengthen the skin’s collagen fibres so skin is left smooth and soft.

The range of Natural Shower Gels, £5.99 each, are also the brand’s hero products. This St John’s Wort cleanser has antibacterial qualities and feels refreshing and cooling – great for after a work-out or to add a zing in your step first thing in the morning. After a little break in my gym habit, I’ve returned to my workout classes this week with a vengeance. Timing is everything in my week, so a quick jump in the shower and a palm-sized squeeze of this gel is all it takes to revive limbs and see me sat at my desk 15-minutes later.

It blends spicy notes with a warm, sweet heart and seems to have a reviving action. A great mood-lifter, it contains no nasties, is not tested on animals and, with its natural plant extracts, is suitable for vegans. What’s more, I am all over the affordable price tags, which belie the high quality ingredients and modern look.


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