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Spring Beauty Revival: Revamp your makeup kit with Younique’s essentials

by angelinavc


There’s something about Spring that makes you want to declutter drawers, chuck out those winter clothes and edit your belongings. Most of us overlook our beauty kit when it comes to ‘spring-cleaning’ but it’s well worth doing an ‘overhaul’, now and then, to keep your look fresh and modern. It’s surprising what you’ll find. And it is so easy to hold on to ‘favourite’ (read: outdated) lipsticks and those safe ‘go-to’ colours, so that, before you know it, you are in a make-up rut and haven’t reviewed your penchant for blue mascara since 1985. Let’s face it, sometimes a little make-up ‘refresh’ does wonders for your look and your complexion.


Youniques innovative range of make-up has three core ‘hero’ products that are all about enhancing the skin’s luminosity. So while Spring is the right time to simplify what you wear on your face – adopt a ‘less is more’ approach as the temperature warms up – that’s not to say that you should skimp on the basics.

This A La Mode Cream Luminizer, £30, is just the thing to add a touch of radiance to the skin and is available in five different tones. A little goes a long way so dab a tiny amount on to cheekbones, bridge of the nose and brow bone – anywhere where the sun would naturally hit. If you have a tan, then use it on a nude face as a lovely enhancer to lift sun-kissed skin. It can also be blended with foundation or BB creams to give an all-over radiance, as well as on shoulders and limbs for nights out in balmy climates.

If you prefer a powder – which I find is easier to control – then opt for this Powder Luminizer, £30, a light-diffusing pressed-powder, which brightens the skin and can be dabbed on to desired areas to finish your regime. It’s available in five shades, seen here is the Pearly version, which has gorgeous coppery tones to it. Use it on focused areas or with a fan-brush to sweep lightly over the face, shoulders, neck and décolletage for an all-over luminosity. I tend to swipe it across the cheekbones as a finishing touch.

The Cream to Powder Luminizer, £30, is the most versatile and innovative of the highlighter trio. It has a rich, creamy formula with a brightening sheen to it, which is great for precise application. Perfect for travelling, too. It is blend-able and very easy to use so especially suited for those who are reticent about using highlighters. It starts off with a cream texture, but actually ends up like a powder, giving a lightweight brightening effect.

Of course, there’s nothing like a new lipstick to have a rejuvenating effect. These little gems – Splash Liquid Lipstick, £21 each, – come in a variety of bold colours all with vivid pigments. (Seen here – top to bottom – is Susceptible (a coral), Spry (metallic vintage copper) and Stately (mauve-rose).

The liquid texture means that they glide on easily but they dry to a matte finish. Unlike many matte formulas, however, these are not cloying or flakey but, instead, they remain lightweight on the lips due to a Bio-Gel complex and a cocktail of vitamins C and E. The colours go on fairly gently and can be built up to become more intense.

Younique’s ‘piece de resistance’ however is its Moodstruck 3D Fibre Lashes mascara, £23. The iconic product is what the brand is best known for. While this process is a tad more fiddly than putting on normal mascara, it’s well worth it for the effect you get, which is one of false lashes or extensions.

First of all, you apply the Transplanting Gel on the lashes. This contains polymers that provide adhesion as well as having conditioning and moisturising properties. After that, when the gel is still wet, you apply a coat of 3D Fibres, which also have conditioning properties. Finally, you seal again with the Transplanting Gel. The secret is in layering up – so you just keep on going until you’ve reached the desired effect.

It’s time to spring clean, ladies.



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