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Basic instinct: revamp your look with Sleek MakeUP

by angelinavc
It gets to this time of year, and suddenly my make-up routine feels old and tired. But Spring is the perfect time to have a revamp, switching up your standard colours and reviewing your go-to products, which is what I have been busy doing.
Sleek MakeUp, known for its affordable products, is one of the fastest growing brands on the high-street. It’s been gaining momentum due to its innovative and easy-to-use ranges, which are gloriously trend-led yet eminently usable. The other bonus is that they are totally inclusive and have products which are  made to suit every skin tone in the spectrum (from the fairest of fair to the most dark and luscious).
One of its areas of expertise lies in foundations and bases and, with two new launches to review, I’ve kicked off my make-upbag ‘refresh’ by revisiting how I use my ‘base’.
I long ago ditched using a typical foundation, in favour of tinted moisturisers and BB/CC Creams. But this new and improved Crème to Powder foundation, £7.99, may just turn my head yet.
The ideal product for those who crave the application control of a cream but still want the luxurious feel of a soft lightweight powder finish, it goes on like a dream. Dab it on and it glides over the skin easily – without any pulling or tension – and transforms itself from a delicate cream consistency to a smooth matte velvety texture leaving you with a flawless finish.
The second launch – and both products are available in a whopping choice of 24 shades – is the Vitality Foundation, £8.99. This has a gorgeous lightweight formula, giving a semi-matte finish but with the added bonus that it hydrates as it works. Dab a few dots on and blend in – it ‘vanishes’ easily and gives an even coverage.
Containing a blend of lotus flower and water lily extracts, the foundation helps to fight dehydration and skin is left smooth and even. It has an oil-free formula so your look is dewy but not shiny. Perfect for ‘thirsty’ skin – Vitality gives a nice medium coverage so the look is natural and healthy (and not caked on with make-up).
This is a great every-day product – easy to use and fuss-free. Special soft-focus powders help smooth the surface of the skin for a more even-looking complexion.
Really going the whole hog, when it comes to rethinking the first step of my make-up routine, I’ve also become somewhat of a convert to Sleek’s primers. There’s a choice of two – Hydrating or Mattifying, £7.99 – and they work as the first step of make-up after moisturising. Smooth it on, before the foundation stage, to simply help prep the skin and give your face a professional finish.
While the Hydrating Primer is perfect for drier complexions, the Mattifying Primer is for those wanting more of a HD look – giving a ‘blurring’ effect all over. In fact, if you are blemish-free and just want your skin to ‘breathe’ for the day, but with a bit of ‘help’, these work a treat used alone on the skin, as a ‘nude’ look – add a touch of lipstick to brighten and you are all set.
Talking of which, I’ve also updated my lippie collection with these two Matte Me Lip Creams, £4.99. There are 17 shades available, but my faves are these two.
For day-time, I have been sporting the Shabby Chic shade – a rose-pink colour which brightens the face and seems to suit every occasion. For night-time, the Fired Up comes out. This is a glamorous dark crimson, perfect for after-hours. The matte-finish lipstick glides on smoothly – with none of that tackiness matte lipsticks can sometimes have. It has an airy texture which feels effortless and which doesn’t flake or dry out.
My make-up revamp is complete…

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